10 Simple Ways to Be a Hit with Customers

Be a Hit with Customers

  • Know your customers. Understand their real concerns and interests. Unearth ways to promote your products and close deals quickly.
  • Find a common ground with customers and connect with them. Connecting with customers can be as much about personal things as the products you sell and they buy. Read publicly available information about them and their industry to keep up with their interests.
  • Spot the key supporters and champions of your products. Give these individuals your time and understand their concerns. In time, they will serve as sources of endorsement and help you become a success.
  • Negotiate hard create a win-win for your customers. Go beyond standard expectations occasionally; offer something new to your customers. Customers will be glad about your creativity.
  • Make it right and be enthusiastic about handling complaints. Eagerness to solve problems and build relationships can promote inventive action. And, enthusiasm is contagious

Know your customers

  • Develop the skill to ask forceful questions and then listen to what your customers have to say. Ask their advice on matters beyond the brief.
  • Be flexible. Be strong and deep-seated in your convictions, yet be adaptable to emerging conditions. Balance the facts and make sensible decisions.
  • Be gracious and forthcoming. Be optimistic and take a positive perspective, no matter how grave the problem. The trial is to spot yourself drifting off into cynicism and negativity near the beginning and regain focus on positivity rapidly.
  • Work hard and make your customers feel special. Without customer satisfaction, little else matters. When you are with customers, make them feel that they are the only person that matters.
  • Share your success with your customers. If the contributions of your customers to your success has led to better things for your organization, be sure to thank them and show how their contribution helped steal the show. Appreciate the individuality of your customers.
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