Advice to Entrepreneurs: Home Depot’s Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus on Loving Your Customers

Most entrepreneurs exhibit persuasion, vision and direction, accountability, goal orientation, and an intense ability to focus and direct their efforts. Here is advice from Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus on loving your customers. Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus are the co-founders of The Home Depot, the chain home improvement retail stores.

  • Arthur Blank and Bernie Marcus, co-founders of The Home Depot Love your customers. When I would go into stores, I would hug and kiss customers because I recognize that everything I’ve had in my life came from them. That is the difference between me and Jack Welch. With Jack, the bottom-line was the most important thing. With us, we said if we treat the customer right, we eventually would have the bottom-line. Remember most customers are on loan. But, if the customer is loyal you, your company will be good, no matter what else happens.
  • The customer comes first. Number two was the associate. We knew that the associate was critical. We loved our associates. We would walk into stores and hug them. And they knew we love them. The feeling was there and it was mutual.

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