Advice on Careers for Recent Graduates

Advice on Careers for Recent Graduates During the initial phase of your career, focus not on the career but jobs.

At the outset, focus not on developing a career plan but on making meaningful job transitions. A career is something you build up through a series of job assignments.

Initially, it is best to have a broad base of skills from which you can develop. Further, you will be expected to work on shorter term results, not think about long-term initiatives. At this juncture in your careers, your jobs should primarily be about executing ideas that have already been laid out. Working on ideas early in your career gives you a strong set of disciplines to execute later when you are yourself coming up with long-term initiatives. Another intangible benefit of working in the trenches is that it can help you understand the low-level details and hence be more practical in your strategic choices later in your career.

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