Visiting the Boeing Renton 737 Plant

Boeing does not offer any tours of its Renton, Washington factory where, most prominently, Next-Generation Boeing 737 airliners are built today, and the Boeing 737-MAX will be built in the near future. Boeing has had the following operations at the Renton plant, which is conveniently adjacent to the Renton Municipal Airport. The Renton factory built […]

Comical Tote Bag from India’s IndiGo Airlines

IndiGo Airlines is India’s largest airline. IndiGo operates a low cost carrier and operates 400 daily flights connecting 36 cities in India and outside using Airbus A320 aircraft. IndiGo’s comical tote bag reproduces IndiGo’s inflight safety card. The tote bag features a comic character of an Indian gentleman in traditional garb, sporting a moustache, and […]

Robert Greene’s “The 48 Laws of Power”: 48 Laws of Manipulation

[Robert Greene’s ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ identifies a darker path to fulfil our deep seeded desire to be powerful. The philosophies and actions advocated in this book are callous, unprincipled, devious, scheming, manipulative—a good dose of pure utilitarian nonsense for the foolish, insensitive, and greedy personality. Manipulation is a term much more appropriate for […]

C/C++ Functions to Convert to UPPER CASE and lower case

C and C++ implementations that follow the standard library provide two functions in the header ctype.h to convert to upper and lower cases. char upperA = toupper(‘x’); char lowerA = tolower(‘X’); But if you want to write your own function to convert cases, here are two functions that use the string.h header. C and C++ […]